We are an `Internet Informatics´ company with a vision of creating a blockchain based eco-system across financial services in different industries.

We are doing this because we believe that by 2030, financial inclusion must be rapidly achieved across the globe.

We propose blockchain, cloud computing, data science in an open source environment as tools to shape this future.

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WHO are We?

We are an innovation driven product company with partners and presence across the globe.

WHERE are we going?

We are building a sustainable and financially inclusive world across small and global enterprises, developing and developed countries.

WHY are we doing this?

We have a vision and a constructive role to play to lead the world into a better and sustainable tomorrow.

HOW are we doing this?

By the means of modern technology - Blockchain, Data Science, Cloud and API driven open source web technologies

Where are we!

The areas of focus are:

Financial Services, Supply Chain, Incentive Ergonomics,Education and Awareness Campaigns

We have just achieved 1%. Help us achieve 100%.

Financial Technology
Education and Awareness Campaigns
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Our Management Team

Upscale has a proven methodology for engaging clients using a collaborative solution process to understand business needs.