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Client Overview Defence Research and Development Organisation is a PSU that specialises on defence research and development for the Government of India.

DRDO is divided into 60 labs and a massive workforce. They built defence technology for India and are routinely reported in news media. The scientists at DRDO worked closely with Upscale team in its early stages(2013), to deliver an automated news gathering engine.

Smart Information Aggregation

aggregation and curation, summarization algorithms

Insightful Analysis

Sentiment and semantics

Summarized and responsive Interface



Spread across the country, with thousands of workforce, DRDO employees find it challenging to listen to news buzz about the defence research work which they deliver in national and international media.

The sentiments and shape of these news articles govern and generate a feedback, both political and social.

However, with so information published in the age of Internet, this exercise is like finding needle in the haystack.



An automated rule based news aggregation and curation engine.

This keeps a track of all kinds of multi-lingual, local and global news articles published and contextually presents this information, for both individual consumption and insightful reporting to senior leaderships.

Such a solution provides rich and textured business intelligence.



A succesful case study was delivered where Upscale saw millions of news articles tracked, analysed and disseminated, sourced across two languages and different regions of the world.

The future roadmap realised work on building a better machine intelligence that can grow into other forms of content published on the web.

Enablement of blockchain into this will essentially reduce the complications of data security and authenticity.