Carbon Chain

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Carbon chain is a platform for building and deploying blockchains. It helps our clients to rapidly build, deploy and scale the decentralized applications.

  1. While our client’s competition is confused with the blockchain use cases, we are helping our clients to undergo rapid deployment in simple steps.
  2. Our clients use carbon chain and deploy unlimited assets, all tracked and verified at the network level.
  3. Our clients use carbon chain to create multiple key value, time series, identity databases on a blockchain.
  4. The permissions are fine grained.

Benefits of Carbon Chain:

  • Flexible Security
  • Highly Customizable
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Fine Grained Permissions
  1. Carbon Chain is developer friendly, designed to let technology teams interact with it, without hassle.
  2. Carbon Chain is highly customizable with full control over every aspect.
  3. Carbon Chain has a flexible security, external private keys, cold nodes and admin by consensus.
  4. Carbon Chain is deployable on cloud and private IT infrastructure.

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