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Upscale FINOCIAL offers an eco-system of financial technology products that address the needs of financial institution, governments and consumers of financial services.

We believe that the vision of financial inclusion has to be materialized in a faster and yet sustainable manner.

Upscale financial technology offering is a suite of following modules:

  1. We work with financial institutions and empower them with state of the art `credit inclusion system` This is powered by API economy.
  2.  The strongest foundation of our offering is the `banking as a platform´. This is a blockchain enabled business prepostion for financial institutions to extend their services rapidly and integrate with digital business – fintechs
  3. We work closely with banking institutions towards mobile financial inclusion.





The idea to liberate millions of people from paying huge charges and interest on loans backed by digital assets and peer to peer lending.

A new generation credit agency based on blockchain mix of social network and machine deriven smart contract financial transactions.

Our mission is to provide a platform of social network to those who need instant cash by assessing openly information on a ledger.

Digital Currency Backed Lending and Savings.

Upscale has a proven methodology for engaging clients using a collaborative solution process to understand business needs.