Muellner Analytics

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Muellner Data Analytics team is a group of data scientists, who are experts in combining blockchain and data science to empower our clients with real time reporting solutions.

The products and tools are blockchain enabled solutions to companies with global footprints that are struggling with the big data challenges.

  1. We merge big data with artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to deliver rich `enterprise grade` analytics solutions.
  2.  Our focus is on democratization of big data to give our clients better business footing.
  3. We deliver democratization by pushing smart contracts and high level of encryption in data.
  4. Transparency, traceability and auditability across multiple data stakeholders for a data analytics campaign ensures our client is ahead in his game.
  5. Our solution is fast, simple and reduce cost in analytics operations.

Use of technology in our solutions

  • Cloud
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Data Science
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Deep learning

Our methodology of blockchain plus data science with modern reporting tools, puts our clients on a very comfortable footing to deliver more informed business decisions.

We specialize in understanding the legacy technological infrastructure and deploy a private blockchain as a platform across the existing business processes.

This enables our client to consume their massive data into rich insightful reporting.

We use a mix of open source data lake solutions enabled with innovative blockchain platform.

Muellners has a proven methodology for engaging clients using a collaborative solution process to understand business needs.